• iManMagnets are changing the way we live.

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Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible, and we do that through our iManMagnets.

Whether you hit the gym, swing for the fences, work at an auto shop, putt for $, or play a musical instrument, iMan is here.

With our single magnet mount, you can enjoy the things you love without the hassle of additional equipment.


How it works.

Interested in custom orders?

We can create custom magnets with your business logos! Orders come at a minimum of 5 sets of iManMagnets or a maximum of 100 sets of iManMagnets.


Find your use.

How important is practicality, efficiency, and convenience to you?

iManMagnets can change the way you work, take selfies, workout, do chores, perform, or even organize.

Here are some ways you can use iManMagnets!

iManMagnet @ Work

Behind the name.

Check out all the love from our supporters.

Showing Da Luv

iManMagnet @ The Strongg Boxx

"A lot of people ask me where I got it"

Your product is really amazing. A lot of people ask me where I got it from in the gym.


"I need it for the gym"

Idc I need it for the gym lol. Too many weirdos that ask to record me.


"Absolutely amazing"

I love the product!! It's absolutely amazing!!!!!