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Bombshell B-Immune

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The world is going to challenge your body every day, but with the right tools and care you can rise above and B-IMMUNE™!

Don’t wait to get sick before you think about immunity. The best defense for your body against environmental intruders is a strong offense. That means providing your body EVERY DAY with the key nutrients to support and boost your immune system.

B-IMMUNE™ is everything your body needs without any ineffective or underdosed ingredients. Formulated for daily use, all-year around, this formula is loaded to maximize your immune potential.

B-IMMUNE™ is packed with ANTIOXIDANTS vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc along with vitamin D and the immune boosting herbs elderberry and echinacea.

Unlike most of the other immunity supplements on the market, B-IMMUNE™ features the doses that really work. Many other products just sprinkle in elderberry or echinacea because it looks good on the label, but they underdose to save money. That nonsense is never how we do business at Bombshell Nutrition and B-IMMUNE™ (like every product we make) delivers only the most effective doses of the carefully sourced and highest quality ingredients.


  Vitamin C
  Vitamin D
  Vitamin E
  Elderberry extract