iMan Magnet


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  • Extreme Pumps
  • Quicker Recovery Times
  • Less Soreness
  • More Energy & Endurance
  • Amazing Taste
  • Can be used by Men and Women

R3 Carbohydrate Formula

The three carbohydrate sources in Formula 19 have been shown to be quickly absorbed in the body and bloodstream. Much faster than even dextrose. While it is absorbed quickly, it acts as a complex carbohydrate by giving you sustained energy.

Glutamine Blend

Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine chelate is the key ingredient here. It's the only stabilized glutamine available. This is the building block of protein in the body and why it's a bodybuilder's most important amino acid. This will help you restore glutamine levels that have been depleted from your workout and help you conserve more muscle mass than ever before.


One of the 3 BCAAs and known as the main amino acid for muscle building. Because it has the biggest effect on muscle building out of the three. It helps induce protein synthesis, which helps build more lean muscle mass. Taking Leucine post-workout has been shown to be more beneficial than even taking whey or animal protein.


You lose tons of electrolytes when sweating. This can cause cramping and lower endurance during your workout. Not only will it help with endurance, but it can help post-workout with recovery and muscle strains.